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Brand Identity, Shopify Website Design

Shopify website design and brand design for Ottawa gift shop

Ecommerce website and brand design for a nature-inspired Ottawa gift shop

boogie + birdie is a country-inspired gift shop in downtown Ottawa that makes you lose all sense of time while browsing its unique items. The shop has evolved over its 5 years of existence and needed a new Shopify website design and refreshed brand identity design to more acurately reflect its chic, natural vibe.

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Shopify website design and brand design for Ottawa gift shop

Home page design for boogie + birdie's new Shopify ecommerce website

Logo for boogie + birdie Ottawa gift shop

New logo for boogie + birdie, part of its new brand identity design

Digging into the shop's background
In our kickoff strategy workshop, I learned from shop owner Christa about the shop's target client, business values and goals, and her vision for the future.

I discovered that Christa based her concept of the store on small-town country shops, with lots of handmade items with stories and personable experiences for her customers. She wanted people to feel like they'd been transported to the country in the middle of the city (case in point: there's an actual full tree in the back of the store!)

She also mentioned that most of the stock she carries ultimately promotes comfort: from blankets to candles to tea and mugs.

boogie and birdie shop photo

boogie + birdie's nature-filled Ottawa shop interior 
(Photo by: Rothbauer Studio)

Before and after comparison of Shopify website home page

Before and after comparison of boogie + birdie's Shopify home page design. We cleaned up the layout, focused the attention on collections and added custom brand details like illustrations and patterns.


Business card and tag design for boogie + birdie with new branding

Chic comfort + small town charm as a brand
I created a refreshed brand identity for the store that expresses its essence: comfort, nature and the feeling of retreat. The new logo features a nature-inspired symbol with leaf-like shapes, that also stands for the shop's name origin ('boogie' and 'birdie' are Christa and her sister's childhood nicknames). The pattern inside the leaves represents the stitches of knitted items a.k.a. the ultimate comfort.

The brand's colours are pastel and taken directly from nature, with all seasons represented. Paired with a classic (and Canadian-made!) font, the new brand is elegant and timeless.


Brand applications throughout the store
We applied the new brand elements across the whole shop: from business cards, to hang tags, to the store window. There are so many ways to creatively apply a cohesive brand look, like Christa's idea to match her tissue paper to the new brand colours, or using the pattern in the logo as a large-scale window vinyl decoration.


boogie + birdie branded window mockup

Storefront window design
Branded pattern design on storefront window

The result is an elegant brand that, paired with the shop's selection of beautiful items for sale and personable attitude towards customers, more accurately reflects Christa's 'country retreat in the city' vision for her business. 

boogie + birdie

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