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AdSkate Home Page Small Business Website Design

Sleek and modern website design & build for a tech startup

AdSkate approached me with an existing website that they felt didn't convey the right caliber for the clients they wanted to go after. The startup needed a more modern and sleek appearance to be able to compete in the high end brand market. 

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AdSkate small business startup website designs

Website design for AdSkate

Redesigning the website for a high-end look

After a kickoff strategy session where I got to know the company's business and goals, I worked with the AdSkate team to redesign their website layout to a more clean look. This included new custom graphics that represented their offerings, adding a few colours to their existing brand blue to add a dynamic feel, and selecting typography that conveys a modern but elegant feel.

AdSkate branded graphics small business

Branded graphics for AdSkate's website

AdSkate, Toronto, Canada & Pittsburgh, USA

Website Design & Development, Brand Graphics

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