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Hey there! I'm Barbara, your graphic designer partner-in-business. From setting up a small business, to bringing your business to the next level, to design needs in a corporate setting– I'm here to help.

I got into graphic design by way of setting up a business myself. A few years ago, I was photographing weddings and portraits and eager to turn it into a solid business. But when it came to the design aspect of it all, I was stumped. What website platform should I use? Do I need to buy the Adobe Suite? Why is Illustrator impossible to use?

I was so determined to DIY the design side of my business that I went to my nearest design school's open house just to figure out what programs they use.

In a turn of events, the open house led me to soon quit my corporate job and take the entire (wonderful!) 3-year graphic design program and become a full-time graphic designer.

Now I'm here to tell you: you don't have to go to design school just to make your business look beautiful (unless you're secretly actually meant to be graphic designer - then I recommend going to your nearest design school open house and seeing if you feel like a 5-year-old dazzled by a world you must be part of!)

Investing in great design with someone who will go the extra mile to listen to you and your story and your goals is one of the greatest things you can do for your business. It will level you up, present you to the world as professional and polished, and help spread your ideas and products to new clients and new heights.

So if you've got ideas and have been dreaming of making them happen or want to get over feeling stumped, reach out today! I can't wait to hear from you:

A bit more about me, in case you're still curious:

I came into design by way of history, journalism, human rights, and photography. These past experiences have contributed to a deep sense of empathy which informs my design process and work.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto, George Brown College, and of the User Experience Design program at HackerYou.
In my spare time, I love exploring different art mediums such as drawing, illustration, painting, photographic manipulation and letter design. I value curiosity, sustainability and community, and am passionate about history, the world of movie-making, and seeing how other people live around the world!


Barbara Kowalski
Currently based in Ottawa, Canada


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