Insider's Guide to Toronto

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A fresh guidebook to the city from a local's perspective

A fresh guidebook to the city from a local's perspective

The Insider’s Guide to Toronto shows the city's many sides: edgy, modern, traditional, artistic—all the spots that locals know. The design reflects the city's energy with lots of fresh photography and modern design elements layered over each other.

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The imagery leads the design, with photos of the city manipulated and brushed over with digital paint brushes, adding a feeling of unexpectedness. The cut-and-paste layout of images reflect the city’s richly layered and mish-mashed nature.

3 – Downtown
2 – Spread
4 – Accomodations

The typography throughout the book is bold and straightforward, accentuated by splashes of colour for vibrancy, such as in the table of contents.

5 – Table of Contents

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Photography: Barbara Kowalski 

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